Be like Germany, electricity mostly comes from roof tops.

Only pay for the solar power system and the rest is free. image

Private island in your future?


Build your own getaway, to your own taste, on your own private island Florida Atlantic coast

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The Weekend Wonk: Amory Lovins on Japan’s Renewable Transition

Cool, we must follow, everyone’s future depends on it.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

While googling Amory Lovins response to misinformation about Germany, came upon this re his study of Japanese renewables. Have only watched the first 15 minutes so far, but looks worthwhile. Japan appears to be the next Germany.  As two of the world’s most highly competitive manufacturing economies slip into renewable overdrive, it gets harder and harder for science haters to demonize renewables.

Renewable Energy World:

What’s the hottest solar end-market region on the planet? Japan is making a strong case for top billing in 2013, according to recent analysis.

Not content with being the second-hottest solar market this year, Japan appears poised to actually take the top spot after a spectacular first quarter, according to new calculations from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. BNEF’s new calculations for solar installations, which now take into account a surge in first-quarter installations in Japan, span a big range: 6.9-9.4 GW, raising the…

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